Swiss Universities Championship (SUC) Surfing

Join us on September 30

The first Swiss Universities Championship (SUC) Surfing and at the same time the first competition at Alaïa Bay becomes reality! Don't miss this surfing highlight at the beginning of the fall semester. The most important thing on this day will be fun and athleticism, as well as the possibility to experience a heat with ISA judges and the exchange between universities.

At the SUC all students in Switzerland have the opportunity once a year to compete with other students from different universities in different sports - this year for the first time also in surfing.
32 participants compete in surfing on this day in the middle of the Valais mountains. In a qualifying session, the riders have the chance to surf their way to the semi-finals and, in the best case, to the final. For the students who do not participate in the competition, there will be surf sessions. All students - regardless of their level - will surf at reduced prices. This is possible thanks to subsidies from Alaia and the student bodies of the University of Zurich, ETH and HSG.

We from the Academic Surfclub have the opportunity to organize and host this event with our partners Alaia Bay, the Swiss Surf Association (SSA) and Swiss University Sports.

Joel Adank
Head of Media
Andri Bisaz
Head of IT
Tim Lampart
Lisa Meisser
Kerstin Clausen
Adrian König


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