Boat Trip Maldives (Intermediate)


Crystal clear water, point breaks and perfect waves, warm water and beautiful surroundings: We've wanted to go to the maldives for a long time! This boat trip is your chance to surf uncrowded, mellow intermediate waves and get your surf skills to the next level!

IMPORTANT: Our goal is not to surf heavy overhead barrels. We are looking to put together a group of intermediate surfers (no beginners, no pros) who want to improve their turns, manoevers etc. We will be searching for waist to shoulder high waves and uncrowdes spots (thanks to the boat, we can move around).

Do I have to know someone or can I come alone? Our camps are designed to meet new people. Even if you travel alone, you will make new friends very quickly!

Camplife & Surf: Live on a boat in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by only clear blue lagoons, pure white sandy beaches, palm trees, and coconuts while surfing long easy waves. This is for those who want to surf all day and get the maximum surfing out of their vacation!

Period: 11.04.2023 - 17.04.2023

This is all included

Participants: Max 10 Persons

Level: Intermediate: You feel comfortable surfing by yourself, you can independently catch and ride green waves, expected size waist to shoulder or slightly overhead.

Material: You need to bring your own material (your own surfboards). We recommend bringing at least 2 surfboards, in case one breaks (on the flight, in the water etc.) It's difficult to get a new board in the maldives, as we're on a boat and everyone brings their own equipment. 

If you stay the Week in Sri Lanka with us before there are super cheap flights from there to the Maldives.